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IN-PACT (Interdisciplinary Performing Arts CollecTive) is a contemporary performing arts company founded by Monika Kertész opera singer, Gabor Halász dancer-choreographer. 

Its aim is to use the changes of the modern world as source while following traditional artistic values and to create transition and fusion between different performing art forms that complement and support each other in the performative space. In doing so, they want to reach the widest possible audience. The productions feature classical, contemporary and electronic music, opera, dance, movement theater, and digital audiovisual art. In-pact is constantly working on experimenting innovative ways of reconnecting different artistic genres.

The founders of the collective go back to the roots of classical culture and create transition and fusion between the separated performing arts. The aim of the artists is, among other things, to break down their own limitations, to get out of the usual performing and creative medium and to have a dialogue between differences. By creating an inspiring and supportive sphere, a “sharing creation” process takes place, aiming to create productions without labels and avoiding genre definitions. Their principles are not just to make performances with different collaborators but to equalize them, to break down the boarders between artistic classifications and sharing responsibility by inventing new creative forms.

Read and see more about our current project DESDEMONIUM and here you can watch the video on YouTube about our next project in preparation ENCLOSED

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