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“…In Desdemonium by Mónika Kertész and Gábor Halász, the two different art worlds were intertwined and they created a very strong, high-impact world. I would rather call the performance of Mónika and Gábor innovative. One that has created a new sphere that is a testament to knowledge, professionalism, and artistic quality…”

Monika Kertész operatic mezzo-soprano and Gábor Halász dancer-choreographer, the founders of In-Pact (INterdisciplinary Performing Arts CollecTive), created a unique duo. Two performing artists from different artistic fields find challenges, inspiration and harmony in a common project. They merge opera, classical and electronic music with contemporary dance and movement theatre elements adding a pinch of improvisation and harp accompaniment. It is altogether a fascinating result of their innovative experimental project where they aim to create transition between separated performing arts.

Desdemonium is a performance about identity and codependency issues shown through the character of Desdemona from Rossini’s opera, Othello. We raise the questions: Is it easier to give up on our identity? Is it worth to fight for it? How do we know we found it and not just living in an illusion created by ourselves? Are we truly following our own values or we do not even realize that we are simply following others? We believe nowadays this can be an important issue for most of us on many different levels. In our performance we create impressions, situations and the emotional states in different phases.




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