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In parallel with her musical career, Monika has over 15 years teaching experience and for more than 10 years she has been working as a vocal coach for private and corporate clients by developing her own method. It includes elements of speech voice training, singing and breathing technique combined with body awareness and performing skills improvement. Collaborating with psychotherapists, she has been researching the connection between the emotional and mental factors and the way we use and produce our voice. She also worked with the biggest Hungarian consulting and training companies and regularly gave presentations at professional conferences in this topic. 

“do I need voice coaching?”

If You can relate to one or more of the following statements then most probably a voice coach could be a great help. Of course, there can many more aspects and demands connected to either personal or professional reasons.

  • I want to improve the sound and quality of my voice
  • I want to feel confident when I need to speak in public
  • I want to be confident with presentations
  • I want to sound authentic 
  • I want to improve my presence in life appearances and online meetings
  • I want to stop speaking monotonously 
  • I want to be able to speak loudly
  • I run out of breath when I’m speaking
  • I want to be able to control my breath
  • I want to learn how to deal with public speaking anxiety 
  • My voice feels tired at the end of the day
  • I want to produce less “irritating” sound
  • People don’t understand what I say
  • I want to get the attention of my audience
  • I want to feel comfortable and natural when I speak
  • I want to stop slurring my words and mumbling
  • I want my voice to sound consistent when I speak to others
  • I want to feel relaxed when I need to talk
  • I would like to be able to express my feelings with non verbal communication, as well

about voice coaching

Did you know that our voice and the way we talk are one of the main forms of expressing our personality, revealing a big amount of information about us in a very short time.  One of the very first impressions we make on the others is through our voice, speech, intonation and non-verbal expressions. By developing vocal control, breath control and body awareness you can gain confidence, consciousness and will be able to express yourself more successfully.

The way we speak is influenced by earlier experiences of our life. It is a deeply planted habit… but it can be developed with proper exercises. To build our performance in everyday life gives us the strength to act in different type of situations. 

Constant change in the way we speak is a process that follows our entire lives; as it has changed so far, it will continue to change, and as a result of conscious shaping, this change can be kept in the right channel. 

Our voice has an influence on both, our human relationships and our work. The quality of our voice and speech can be the key to our personal strength, presence, self-discovery and self-knowledge, as well. It provides a real basis for supporting our ideas, aspirations and relationships. Conscious knowledge of our own voice can also lead to stable emotional presence.

we will develop:

Breath support – learning the correct techniques to give you more control over your voice and speech.

Optimum pitch – learning to speak at the best pitch for you. 

Resonance – learning to speak with a voice that is full and captivating.

Volume and Voice Projection – learning to speak so others hear you.

Giving Life to your Voice – learning to speak with pace, pause, expression and color.

Powerful Presence and Presentation skills – learning to be able to fully share your content and to improve the way you speak and express yourself in front of any amount of people (small group or big audience)

Connection and authenticity  – connect your inner self and feelings to how you express yourself and the other way around


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